Series 1 Episode 4 - Lockdown and Fatigue

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In Episode 4, we explore the fourth f...

This is the f that we mentioned in the Episode 3, for those who may have missed the previous podcast, tune into Lockdown & anxiety.

Just over sixty percent of the clients that have been visiting the holistic wellbeing clinic have exhibited the fourth f , FATIGUE a sense of complete exhaustion and lethargy.

Let's put this into perspective, in our previous episode we talked about stress physiology, the bodies survival mechanism, fight, flight and freeze. These are warning signals from the body to the brain, that we are under threat

If we have not learned how to reset or recalibrate that stress response at the alarm or resistance phase, and continue to function in the cycle of 'living on your adrenals' we eventually arrive at the fourth f, which is fatigue.

What does 'living on our adrenals' mean?

The adrenal system is associated with the endocrine system and can be viewed as our ' battery pack' An analogy would be a vehicle. If the battery is drained nothing's going to really function, and reduce its performance substantially.

Feeling tired on waking, loss of appetite, skipping breakfast, eating on the go or at the desk, sleepy at 3-5pm, large meal after work and when its time to sleep we wrestle with a restless mind. When we consistently push ourselves into overdrive without paying attention to respite, we deplete our resources. Living like this for long periods has serious implications on health.

Melbourne Australia may also be considered in a state of fatigue. The country has won the dubious record of the most locked down city in the world, with over 230 days, they have been playing 'whack-a-mole' zero covert strategy. COVID case pops up, everything shuts down, another case pops up everything shuts down another case pops up everything shuts down. They finally recognize they've got themselves into a state of fatigue, playing musical chairs and moving the goal post as each event arises, it is energetically depleting, keeping the body and mind in heightened state of uncertainty and fear which creates stress.

Long periods of high state of alert, leads to fatigue (burn out) - the whole body collapses and shuts down, mentally physically and emotionally.

Effective treatments

Medical doctors are not trained nor equipped to treat fatigue. There is no magic pill, and often wait to see how patients respond to respite. Blood markers are often normal, in most cases patients have been referred to the holistic wellbeing clinic for 'psychosomatic' condition, meaning there is no clinical reason why they should be feeling this way.

Other assessment questionnaires used to monitor low energy and mood are PHQ (performance health questionnaires) or GAD (general anxiety disorder). Antidepressants are often first line prescriptions for treatment , which doesn't really deal with the underlying issue.

How do you know you are living on your adrenals?

one of the inclusion criteria we have on our referral form is lock down syndrome, which includes low mood, apathy, fatigue - because these are the common patterns and symptoms exhibited.

All of the symptoms provided by the UK government are symbolic of burn-out

· extreme tiredness

· shortness of breath

· chest pain or tightness

· problems with memory and concentration

· difficult sleeping or insomnia

· heart palpitations anxiety

· stomach aches and loss of appetite

· feeling sick , diarrhea

· dizziness

· pins and needles

· joint pain

· brain fog

· depression

· anxiety

· tinnitus

· earaches

In the classical chinese medicinal approach, the ears are considered the orifice of the kidneys, in other words the external manifestation of kidney organs and the adrenal energy. Take a look at the shape of the ears, it's exactly like a kidney so when hearing flags up its associated with our 'fluid balance'.

How to recalibrate and nourish the adrenals when on overdrive Gee provides naturopathic insights :The importance of tuning into your body. Listen to what your body's telling you, understand the signals.

Fight fatigue, by rehydrating and nourishing using whole food sources - homemade soups, broths and casseroles are a great way to deliver nourishment quickly without 'costing' the body any energy to digest.

Simplify food, liquidise to help hydrate and switch off the stress response.

Never skip breakfast - its the most important meal of the day. Include herbs like ginger, turmeric, kidney beans, seaweed, dark red and black food sources energetically communicate with the adrenals for replenishment.

In addition, the importance of preparing food, and making time to eat - so that we are not eating on the go. Todd provides his expertise and shares tools to help relaxation, sleep and respite and body clock awareness.

  • yoga nidra

  • power naps

  • the importance of sunrise and sunset

  • helping to relax the body through choice of exercise regime is important that it does not exhaust, but helps to refuel. Tai chi daily, or swimming - connect with water.

If you are experiencing fatigue, or our podcast has resonated with you, please connect with us for a FREE 30 min consultation.

Thank you for tuning in.

In service to your wellbeing,

Gee Gahir & Todd Van Hees

Co-Founders Wellbeing Wizards

Zen Leadership | Intuitive Coaching | Workplace Wellbeing

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2. Yoga Nidra relaxation exercise

3. Tai Chi / Qi Gong exercises

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