Series 1 Episode 2 - Lockdown and Purpose

In this episode, the wellbeing wizards explore loss of purpose and share insights on how we can reconnect to our inner wisdom to navigate our sails towards that which fuels our passion.

LOOCKDOWN HAS CREATED A SENSE OF STILLNESS, before which OUR LIVES WERE a string of to do lists. Most of us live our life on a CONVEYOR BELT, in the stream of ‘business’, mostly running on ‘empty’, searching for fulfilment, disconnected from our inner voice which we are never invited to explore.

However, 2020 has forced people to stop and take stock, for self-reflection.

How long does it take to recalibrate the ‘road runner effect’?

Many people visiting the health and wellbeing clinic have talked about ‘emptiness’ that creeps in like ivy suffocating thoughts, feeling low, lack of energy or motivation, a sense of loss, despair, lack of purpose – these ‘symptoms’ are labeled by the health profession as ‘depression’ or ‘anxiety disorder', and often signposted to CBT or offered antidepressants. However, through lifestyle coaching, we dig deeper, beyond the symptoms, and uncover the source of stress masked behind the symptoms.

Gee and Todd share examples of how they have facilitated clients to rediscover purpose, that imbibes core values and meaningful connections.

Life is a compromise of what your ego wants, What experience tells you to do, And what your nerves allow you to do.When we resist the flow, Or work against the flow, We create barriers to our natural access to abundance and happiness.

Tune in to the conversation.

In service to your Wellbeing

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