Series 1 Episode 1 - Lockdown and Grief

In todays episode the Wellbeing Wizards, we dive in at the deep end and explore Grief.

Unfortunately for many lockdown created one of the most traumatic experiences of loss and bereavement - heartache from mourning the loss of family members, friends, pets, or relationships falling apart at the seams. Loss of mental, physical and emotional freedom through isolation.

As intuitive coaches, we found ourselves sitting in silence, holding the space for clients attending the wellbeing clinic to begin to process some of the symptoms that masks underlying grief. Empathy, kindness and sympathetic ears were necessary skills to begin to transform wounds of anger, despair, sorrow, loneliness and heart ache.

Many of us are unaware of how to recognise or manage grief. Often we find a way to escape from processing the emotion, and like mist, it disappears into the deeper layers of our fascia emerging as a transformed symptom of breathlessness, inflammation of skin or bowels, slow murmur of the heart.

In essence the shock of loss displaces our breathing pattern and Heart beat. Grief is an emotion that sits heavy on the chest, when unprocessed it can transform to silent depression , lack of joy and purpose. Long term effects of unprocessed grief can lead to depression, mental health issues and obesity.

We invite our listeners to keep an open mind and engage with us as we explore 'conversations with Spirit', and shine different perspectives of loss and processing grief, and introduce effective techniques that have served our clients.

In service to your Wellbeing

Gee & Todd

The Wellbeing Wizards

written by Gee

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