NEW YEAR, NEW YOU - Why 81% of New Year Resolutions fail and what you can do about it.

Happy New Year!

It's that time of year where most of us are busy making 'New year, New me ' resolutions and goals. These are promises and intentions to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of their loved ones or community.

What are the Stats?

According to statistics, almost 81% of New Year's resolutions fizzle out by mid-Feb, and only 17% have managed to keep their resolutions a year later.

So, Why do so many fail at keeping their resolutions, whilst others succeed? Is there a secret success formula that some of us are missing out on?

In this episode, we review the most common resolutions, some interesting statistics and offer perspectives from the mindsets of ZEN Ledears - consciously evolved leaders who tap into their intuition and instinct, to shift failure into success.

Curious? Tune in and read on.

Popular New Year Resolutions

So, what are the most popular New Year resolutions that people are striving to achieve to better themselves or their lives?

  1. Self Improvement - Health

  2. Happiness

  3. Finance

According to a poll by GoCompare, published in Country Living 2022, mental and physical health is a top priority for Brits, alongside eco-friendly and financial resolutions. In 2020, in the UK, 44% of Brits chose to eat healthier as a New Year’s resolution. The spotlight has certainly shifted, influenced by the recent COVID pandemic, and more people are focusing and committing to making healthier lifestyle choices.

Meanwhile, a poll by You Gov America, highlighted 'The most popular New Year's resolutions are about self-improvement (living healthier 23%, getting happy 21%, losing weight 20%, exercising 7%, stopping smoking 5%, reducing drinking 2%). In addition, people resolve to meet career or job goals (16%) and improve their relationships (11%)

Women are more likely to set themselves healthier lifestyle goals.

Despite the intention of improving lifestyle, according to a study by the University of Scranton, only 8% of people will achieve their New Year’s resolutions. That means nearly 92% of the population will fail.

Success and failure depend on many parameters, highlighted in several articles; and interestingly those who were successful had invested in employing support such as a health coach, personal trainer or other support systems to achieve goals.

But there seems to be a few missing links in the success-failure ratio. The Wellbeing Wizards podcast aims to bridge this gap and offers an alternative perspective to turning failure into success.

Here are some formidable formulas to manifest greater joy, creativity, and success in 2022.

1. Success is about Timing - consider the season.

New year resolutions focus on making changes on 1st Jan. whilst we have good intentions in pursuing our goal, our choice in resolution does not factor in the season.

January is the midst of Winter. Long nights and short days beckon our body clock to rest and repair, it's in a state of nourish and nurture, sleep and dream. The season does not support making extreme changes. Everything in nature is dormant, in sleep mode. Winter does not support weight loss programs or detox. The body needs extra insulation to protect itself from the cold environment. If you are thinking of making dietary changes, opt for healthier meals, reduce processed or refined food and stimulants.

We recommend the Winter Wellbeing Series to cultivate long-term balanced lifestyle changes.

One reason why resolutions fail maybe because we are relying on artificially induced energy, created during the seasonal festivities to evoke change. But what happens when the Christmas / New Year hype descends? Energetically, in physiological terms, it costs us twice as much energy to get things going in January - draining our reserves (pushing our body into a state of fight and flight) as it would if we were to start a resolution or intention in Spring when energy is naturally rising from the Earth influencing our desire for action and activities. In other words, making new year resolutions when we are NOT ready, induces the stress response, which in turn will begin the cycle of digestive issues, low libido, fatigue, low mood, and muscular aches and pains.

So we place unnecessary pressure and stress on our body and mind to achieve our goal, by rushing forward at the wrong time. This means by mid-Feb we experience burnout or low mood.

When we follow the way of the Wizards and tune into seasonal alchemy, we enable our body and mind the time to rest, energise, and in doing so manifest a creative space for opportunities to greet us, as if by magic.

Zen leaders (masters) understand and follow the way of Nature. Winter is a time to 'sow seeds', this means practicing meditation to restore the mind-body-spirit. They spend time with family and connect with joy to create a purposeful life. They dream and contemplate on changes that will embrace and serve well-being positively and influence those around them positively.

They await for the first blossoms to arrive, and when Spring begins they leap forward into action, supported by the energy of the season.

2. Forecast - consider a personal forecast

We are all aware of weather forecasts, astrological and financial forecasts. Have you considered a personal forecast?

No year is the same. Every season is different from the year before. This is the natural world inviting us to adapt to change.

In our podcast, I provide topline numerological insights into the year of the Tiger, 2022. Over the years I have practiced an ancient system of personal forecasting, which many clients have valued. The insights have helped navigate personal ambitions, define resolutions and goals in a timely way, and celebrate success.

For example, a personal forecast is based on your time and date of birth - 2022 may lean towards career progression for you. So this automatically helps to align and focus and plan your goals accordingly.

Setting New Moon intentions every month is a great way to help realise bigger goals, as we begin to surf a different energy field that lightens our physical load. At first, this may sound alien, but these are the forces that Einstein, Newton, Watts and quantum physics talk about in manifesting potential and abundance.

'Once you wake up to these natural forces, it's a game-changer'

3. Practice the Pause - drink chai tea and practice Tai Chi

Success is about states of consciousness or awareness .....

Meditation is one way of connecting and elevating our mindset. Meditation does not mean sitting in silence. Meditation means anything that connects your mind and body to the present moment.

Most people are struggling with restlessness - mind, emotions and spirit.

Movement meditation is a great option to help settle the Mind. Winter instructs gentle exercises,

such as taichi, yoga, stretching, dancing, walking in nature, arts and crafts, singing, swimming, or simply cooking.

Anything in which you lose yourself, and brings you complete joy, clarity (peace of mind) in the moment.

Take home message

So, if there's one take-home message, work with the season this year. For the first 6 weeks leading into February, consider spending time with loved ones, eating whole food, nourishing the four pillars of your wellbeing - the physical-mental-emotional-spiritual body. Think of the body as a vehicle, ensure the 4 wheels are balanced and the fuel tank is full. This will serve you in the Spring season.

Tune in to the wellbeing wizard podcast and join the conversation, we facilitate perspective shifts from seeing SUCCESSISNOWHERE to SUCCESS IS NOW HERE!

Set yourself up for success using some of the strategies that may seem a little off the wall, spark your curiosity or resonate with your inner guide.

Share your experience with us, what changed by adopting some of the New Year thought leadership strategies?

If you have never had a personal forecast and are keen to experience one for 2022, contact Gee for bookings. If you are interested in movement as meditation for clarity, contact Todd.

Step into your power this year through Intuitive coaching and goal setting. Treat yourself to a game-changing Wellbeing Wizard coaching experience, 6 coaching sessions for the price of 5.

Contact us for a free 30 min consultation.


Written by Gee Gahir

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