Long Covid - What are the symptoms and treatments to help overcome them


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For most people, Covid-19 is a brief and mild disease but some are left struggling with symptoms including lasting fatigue, persistent pain and breathlessness for months.

The condition known as "long Covid" is having a debilitating effect on people's lives, and stories of being left exhausted after even a short walk are now common.

So far, the focus has been on saving lives during the pandemic, but there is now a growing recognition that people are facing long-term consequences of a Covid infection.

Yet even basic questions - such as why people get long Covid or whether everyone will fully recover - are riddled with uncertainty.

What is long Covid?

There is no medical definition or list of symptoms shared by all patients - two people with long Covid can have very different experiences.

However, the most common feature is crippling fatigue.

Join us in our upcoming conversations of long COVID as we share insightful tips on how to manage , overcome and prevent Long COVID ….

@geegahir is the long Covid prevention lead at HNPCN having identified an unmet need through the well-being clinics, and has been dealing with patients recovering from psychosomatic symptoms of long Covid ..

Don’t miss this episode of well-being wizards for insightful interventions on fighting fatigue

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0:00 Intro

0:26 Lockdown and Long Covid

0:52 Long Covid – What is it? How long does it last?

1:20 Long Covid statistics

3:52 Long Covid symptoms - brain fog , fatigue and 19 others

5:16 Long Covid and types of patients seen in clinic

7:14 Long Covid and Covid toe

9:51 Long Covid case study – April 2021

16:39 Long Covid, case review – common themes

18:40 Long Covid and sharing the workload – reduce fatigue

19:28 Long Covid and prioritizing effort – reduce fatigue

20.09 Long Covid case review – 1 – symptom fatigue

20:56 Long Covid – patient goal : To feel more energized

21:12 Long Covid – Intervention 1 – Shiatsu healing to feel rested

22:31 Long Covid – Intervention 2 – Adjusted diet to support adrenal fatigue

23:39 Long Covid – Intervention 3 – Supplements : High dose Vitamin C up to 6000IU,Viamint D3 4000IU 24:16 Magnesium building block of ATP (energy) production energy – up to 400mg per day

25:48 Long Covid – Intervention 4 – Activity – Tai Chi , Breathing techniques, walking in the fresh air

27:02 Outcomes data

28:43 Naturopathic process explained

29:42 How engaged are you in the healing process?

31.15 Long Covid case review – 2 – symptoms Shortness of breath , fatigue , flu like symptoms

32:53 Long Covid – Intervention 1 – breathing techniques , acupressure points

33:44 Long Covid – Intervention 2 – nutrition : bone broth , ginger soup , traditional turmeric tea

35:03 Long Covid – Intervention 3 – Supplements : High dose Vitamin C up to 6000IU,Viamint D3 4000IU and specific tissue salts tailored to client

35:10 Vitamin C – What to watch for when taking high dose

36:30 Outcomes data

38:30 Long Covid question – pain management / Moving pan

40:19 Long Covid question – headaches

41:10 Free 30 minute health and wellbeing consultation


1️⃣ Breathing exercise to reduce shortness of breath ➡️

1️⃣ Yoga Nidra - Relaxation / Mindfulness ➡️

1️⃣Tai Chi / Qi Gong exercises to improve energy ➡️

🔴🔴 RESEARCH STUIDIES 🔴🔴 The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Occurrence of Psychosomatic Symptoms: Are They Related?

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ALERT: This video is not intended to replace medical advice. If you think you have a condition that is causing you pain, please consult with your doctor to get a diagnosis and a treatment plan for you. The intent of this video is only for educational purposes. If there is any emergency, go to the nearest emergency department.



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