3 Top tips to boost your immune system for the winter season

Our latest podcast and youtube episode is live. In this episode Todd Van Hees and Gee Gahir, Share 3 top tips to boost your immune system over the winter season . PREVENT or STOP colds , flus , nasal congestion , constipation or diarrhea with these naturopathic treatments.

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📒 Show Notes 📒


0:00 Intro

0:24 Signs and symptoms of weakened immune system

1:30 Top Tip 1 - Food

1:42 Food - PIP

2:52 Food - Broths , Soups , Reduce processed foods

4:10 Food - Supplement Vitamin D3

4:58 Food - Supplement Magnesium / Epsom salts

6:09 Food - Supplement Vitamin C

6:13 Food - Recipes Turmeric Tea , Ginger Soup

6:50 Top Tip 2 - Sleep

7.04 Sleep - regular wake and sleep times

7.26 Epsom salts bath

7.33 Supplement - Tart Cherry for deeper sleep

8.04 Relaxation Technique - Yoga Nidra

8:19 Top Tip 3 - Easy movement practices

8:40 Tai Chi , Qi Gong , Pilates , Yoga

9:29 2022 Wellbeing calendar


1️⃣ Ginger Soup recipe


1️⃣ Turmeric Tea recipe


1️⃣ Yoga Nidra - Sleep Relaxation / Mindfulness


1️⃣Tai Chi / Qi Gong easy exercises to strengthen immune system


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