Life Skills for Schools

Improving resilience and performance 

Understand stress, identify triggers and how to shrink them with our skills for life workshops aimed at schools 

Frances Bardsley Academy Case study 

Stress management and leadership motivational workshops delivered to students and teachers before mock exams. 

Student pool consisted of those who were struggling to acheive academic grades, and low motication. 3 bespoke sessions were provided based on needs assessment for the year group (age 15+). 



90% shift in motivation, improved resilience (reduced anxiety), 'I can achieve' attitude. 

Teachers felt better equipped to manage pressure.

Children excelled achieving higher grades than were predicted.

The workshops were repeated fot A'level students due to the success.

Improving behaviour in Children with learning difficulties (autistic traits) 

"Very inspiring, thank you for helping my family find balance - my son is much calmer now that we understand life through his eyes, sleep has improved" (RD)

"Thank you for shifting my perspective to help me recognise triggers, and focus on what my daughter can achieve, rather than what she can't. I feel I am no longer battling with myself, the system, and it has benefited everyone" (JT)

"I didn't know how to connect with my son, he was so difficult. After one coaching session, I feel relieved, no longer struggling and for the first time experienced a peaceful evening with my boy, thank you" (KD) 

Intuitive coaching process to shift perspectives on ADHD / Autism and create an environment condusive to these childrens learning potential, rather than expecting them to 'fit' into a system that does not serve them. 

Empowering Staff and parents to embrace EI tools (emotional intelligence, kinesthetic communication and empathy) coupled with motivational speaker who has lived with these labels all his life and helps parents to navigate with ease some of the common traits of ADHD experienced such as poor sleep, inability to follow instructions, emotional outbursts. Highly recommended. 

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