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GP Referrals

Patient referred with pre-diabetes

" I have changed my diet in a good way which will decrease my sugar levels and also has reduced my weight and i feel this course was needed and came at a good time for me. "

Patient referred with pre-diabetes and had lack of energy

"Very good"

Patient presented with high levels of anxiety

" It has benefitted me realising my nutrition and my sleep patterns can have a direct impact on my health and how i am feeling mentally. I have improved mentally and physically helping me in my daily life."

Patient presented with high levels of fatigue and anxiety 

"Very inspiring helped with exercises mind body and soul" 

Patient presented with anxiety and eating issues 

"I have stopped drinking fizzy drinks , cut back smoking and have more control on snacking , learned breathing techniques and use them in day to day life now"

Patient presented with high level of fatigue 

The patient came out of the consultation extremely happy & said that she was positively over the moon at how she was feeling. Her words were 'it was just what she was looking for!' Having tried medications in the past for years and not feeling that much had helped it was exactly what she needed and was very tearful at being so pleased.

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