Our Story

It takes adversity or perhaps a pandemic to realise how fragile and precious our health and wellbeing is. Wellbeing Wizards podcast has been inspired through lockdown, as a platform to convey the many stories we have been witness to.

In our capacity as experienced intuitive coaches our intention is to create a ripple effect of hope, transformation and healing as people begin to remerge and reengage with the stream of life. 


Over the past year or so, we have provided holistic health solutions and strategies online and face to face, facilitating personalised healthcare for individuals, families, corporate teams, healthcare professionals, and communities seeking proactive naturopathic, holistic self-care plans to restore vitality, peace of mind and reconnect with purpose. 


Our 6-month outcomes have shown a 60% increase in holistic preventative wellbeing solutions, to otherwise healthy individuals that have been impacted by COVID-19 and lockdown. Our intuitive coaching process has seen a 95% success rate with individuals reaching their desired health goals within 3-6months. (read more here – link to testimonials)


Wellbeing Wizard podcasts are launched fortnightly. Each episode is 20-30mins. The first season begins with lockdown stories.

We look forward to your company and welcome your thoughts and feedback.


We hope our stories create meaningful conversations and offer a different perspective, a ray of light or hope in your world.


Gee & Todd

Co-Founders The Wellbeing Wizards


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