Getting started programme

  • Employee wellbeing surveys

  • Physical posture assessment

  • Introduction to employee wellbeing 

  • How to create a healthier and happier workplace 

  • Building the business case for employee wellbeing

  • How to get started on a limited budget (free webinar)

  • Boost your mental health and wellbeing while WFH

Staff Meeting

Mental health at work

  • Mental health awareness training for managers and champions 

  • Mental health awareness session for all employees  

  • Mental health ‘champions’ – selection, support and training

  • Stress awareness – and turning it into a positive

  • How to talk about mental health in your workplace 

  • Mental health policy creation

  • External mental health support  – counselling 

  • Improving mental health at work – case studies

Therapy Session

Employee wellbeing weeks

Ongoing support and programmes
  • 6 or 12 month employee wellbeing programme 

  • Wellbeing weeks and festivals 

  • Company mental health package 

  • Supporting staff WFH package 

  • Employee wellbeing awards and accreditation applications 

  • Staff wellbeing policy creation and development

  • Developing positive workplace cultures 

Meetup Event
Yoga,Mindfulnesss,Tai Chi,Sleep,Nutrition
  • Virtual yoga , Tai Chi , Qi Gong for all levels 

  • How to get a better night’s sleep

  • An introduction to mindfulness 

  • Nutrition at work – the essential info

  • Building a seasonal body

Yoga Class
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