Corporate Wellbeing

Stress management in the workplace
Empower leaders and teams with the ability to identify triggers early with our bespoke workplace wellbeing workshops 


  • Increased stress management and self awareness

  • Improve productivity, teamwork, and camaraderie

  • Improved energy, motivation, and sense of wellbeing

  • Enhanced resilience, reduced absentism

Creating a great place to work 

Scope: Understanding and improving employee engagement during a time of structural reorganization and change management 
Delivered across salesforce (+120 employees) over a period of 3months.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Identify one focus area from each of the three primary relationships within a workplace: Trust, Pride, Camaraderie

  • Identify what is working well, and where improvements are required (start, stop, continue) 

  • Resilience coaching support for managers 


  • Enhanced company culture 

  • Developed realistic KPI

  • Reduced administrative replication, improved efficiency

  • Improved resilience and communication 

What people are saying..

"Excellent, highly recommended"

"Very well presented and added value to me and the team"

"Very interactive session which was very fun and informative"

"Highly engaging and invaluable, improved team comradarie" 

" simple, effective, inspiring - changed my life, thank you" 

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