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Welcome to Wellbeing Wizards, we are an award-winning, wellbeing service provider delivering benchmarked proactive and preventative non-clinical healthcare solutions, inspiring healthcare reform using
ZEN Leadership strategies. 

Are you concerned about workplace wellbeing? 

Are you a leader implementing change to improve productivity?

Are you a primary care network or federation looking to commission benchmarked holistic wellbeing service aligned with NHSE preventative healthcare initiative? 


Whether it's health coaching or service delivery,

we have the expertise and wisdom to deliver wellbeing solutions.


Our Story

During the pandemic, we established and delivered a multi-therapy specialist, non-clinical Wellbeing Service in Havering to manage demand on primary care services. The patient outcomes were outstanding.

9/10 clients achieved their desired wellbeing goals (2020/21) through behavioral, motivational, and intuitive coaching without clinical intervention in the height of COVID. Our program has facilitated thousands of clients to achieve their wellbeing goals, manifest joy, vitality and live purposeful lives (2020/21).  

The Wellbeing Wizard Podcast was launched in September 2021, inspired by our client's stories of hope, transformation, and healing through our holistic coaching process. Stories send a signal and create a ripple effect,  perhaps touching the hearts of those who may be feeling alone or suffering in silence -  encouraging them to connect or take the first step towards making healthier lifestyle choices. 

What we do:  

Since then, our service has expanded, offering workplace wellbeing solutions (schools, healthcare institutes, corporate companies, government and law firms) and providing holistic wellbeing services to NHS aligned with NHSE long term plan to prevent ill health by developing multi-specialist-integrated models of proactive care. 

How can we help?  

We transform lives through our unique multi-therapy-specialist personalised coaching process. 

We support leaders through change management by creating team engagement and cultivating a great place to work culture. 

We inspire healthcare transformation, through our expertise in integrating benchmarked, holistic wellbeing service & design and delivery. 

Wellbeing Wizard Services 

Intuitive Coaching  

A personalised, deeply enriching,

holistic intuitive coaching experience,

designed to restore balance across the four pillars of wellbeing -

mental, physical,

emotional & spiritual.

We help you identify, navigate and achieve meaningful goals.  


Suitable for  

  • Individuals 

  • Thought Leaders

  • Teams (up to 10) ​


6 coaching sessions 

40-day challenge 

Workplace Wellbeing 
Consultancy Service  

Optimise a harmonious workplace culture with our unique Mind-Body-Space offering. Helping Leaders discover their seat of power through ancient wizardry and create a great place to work culture. 

  • Employee wellbeing surveys

  • Environmental assessment 

  • Awareness training for managers and employees

  • Improving resilience, relationships, performance and productivity  

  • Motivational talks and workshops


Theory of DOT 

ZEN Leadership 

Award-winning pioneers in holistic healthcare innovation, design, integration, and delivery of benchmark wellbeing services, and complex pathway models to reform and optimise patient access to services across private and NHS. 

  • Wellbeing Service Design & Delivery     

  • Integrated Pathway Models 

  • Market Access Solutions 

  • Project and Operational management

  • Digital health innovation 

What our clients say

Hand Gesture

AS (49)

I've been looking for this kind of service for many years. Gee has helped me understand why im so tired all the time , for the first time i slept soundly. Invaluable service 

Young Man in Therapy

SR (58)

Achieved greater awareness of triggers , was sceptical about health coaching but if feel better able to manage anxiety , to sleep better & and would encourage more people to use  this service



Depressed , low mood , inactive & overweight - changed my life thanks to health coaching

‘The NHS requires a shift in mind-set, Gee brings a unique and fresh approach to the team and has exceeded expectations in project & service delivery’ A Baldwin, Havering CCG 

‘Gee gets on with it – a valued member of the team, pleasure to work with, always exudes positivity’ –  HNPCN Clinical Director)

‘Operational excellence and innovation leadership delivered timely ‘ - Exec committee

‘Wow! – some pack (project plan)! and great to see the patient feedback. - R Clements (NHS BHRCCG)

‘We want everyone to do what you have done- we want everyone to be where you are as an operational project plan, and no one is even near that’ - Dr J Sood (Clinical Director, Redbridge CCG)

'Impressive project plan,' - Matt Kearney (UCL Partners)